Fuelling Efficiency, & Productivity through Data, AI and ML

Equipping businesses with impactful advancements and navigating them towards successful digital transformation.

Our Mission is to Bring the Power of AI to Every Business

We are a data science and analytics consulting firm delivering AI-powered solutions to companies who want to leverage data and machine learning algorithms for business value.

At Jigserv Digital, we’re focused on AI and Big data software development, helping businesses innovate with AI, enrich customer insights, automate processes & be more cost-efficient.

AI Consulting Services

Leverage the best of AI expertise to expand your markets and generate revenue.

New AI Product Development

Validate your idea at an early stage, minimizing the risks of a project failure and reducing development costs. Our AI consultants will help you get ready for a successful product launch by identifying the scope of work, selecting appropriate tools and technologies, and estimating the costs and resources. With 10 years of experience in AI consulting and development, we'll be glad to accompany you at all stages from an idea to support.

AI Integration into Existing Product

Meet market demands and stay ahead of your competitors by strengthening your existing solution with AI.Let our AI experts do an exploratory analysis, review data processes and IT infrastructure to offer the best solution to empower your business.InData Labs' AI engineers will bring their expertise and knowledge to make sure your digital transformation goes smoothly.

Areas of Expertise

How We Solve Problems

How We Solve Problems

Our Approach

Capture Accelerating Value of Generative Artificial Intelligence

Fend off inefficiencies and reinvent your business models through generative AI applications.

Streamline Business Processes

Implement generative AI algorithms into your digital core to build up human capabilities, and maximize the efficiency of your back-office operations. Our ML engineers embed generative AI models in your automation solutions to set new performance frontiers.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Solve your customer care problem by having an always-on conversational model. Have a generative AI tool that produces personalized responses to customer queries, recommends relevant products, and provides self-service options across

Perform Large-Scale Analysis

From sentiment analysis to market research, generative AI platforms support your enterprise sense-making with fast, effort-free analytics. Change the way you interrogate your data, augment existing data products, and get millions of insights with a few clicks.

Accelerate Innovation Pace

Bring unprecedented speed of innovation to all areas of your business - from production design to visual identity to real-time personalization. Leverage our AI development services to stimulate new product creation and get into the fast lane of your industry.

Implementing AI Across Industries

Marketing and Advertising Marketing and Advertising

We develop AI-powered finance solutions for simplified work processes and better customer service. Get data insights to customer retention and automate paperwork with AI technology.

  • Customer service and insights
  • Customer retention insights
  • Brand health monitoring
  • Credit scoring analytics
  • Crime and fraud prevention
  • Violent behavior detection
  • Paper work automation
  • Secured private data
E-commerce and Retail E-commerce and Retail

Our expertise to improve online shopping experiences and increase conversions.

  • Predictive Analytics for Inventory Management
  • Predictive Analytics for Price Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics for Customer Data Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics for Customer Churn Prediction
Healthcare and Wellness Healthcare and Wellness

We will lead a successful digital transformation of your business, so you'll easily meet new challenges and mitigate future risks.

  • Biotech Digital Transformation Project
  • Stage 1: Data Lake Creation
  • Stage 2: Ingestion and Data Quality Check
  • Stage 3: Processing, ML and Analysis
  • Stage 4: Visualization and Reports
Logistics and Supply Chain Logistics and Supply Chain

Deliver goods on time, budget, and at the speed your customers expect with smart logistics and transport solutions. Optimize delivery routes and ensure driver safety on the road with full suite software and services to carriers, freight forwarders, and logistics companies.

  • Smart Logistics with Predictive Analytics
  • Cargo Damage Detection with Computer Vision
  • Streamlined Processes with Artificial Intelligence
Fintech Fintech

Our custom Fintech solutions for better efficiency and customer service.

  • Predictive Analytics for Fraud Prevention
  • Analytics for Credit Scoring
  • Data Insights for Customer Retention
Automotive Automotive

We provide automotive AI services for car manufacturers that leverage 3D computer vision to make data-driven decisions at each manufacturing stage.

  • Geometry Optimisation for Quick Design Studies
  • Data Analysis for Smart Design Engineering
  • Visual Inspection for Automated Defect Detection


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